We are Brand Makers, Rule Breakers and Digital Consultants 

who we are

Consulting & Agency for Digitisation and Marketing

 We are a creative brand & digital company for consumer, leisure, retail and social commerce. We provide strategy and execution out of one hand. Since 10 years we help to transform businesses and translate our expertise from big brands to small and medium-sized enterprises. We provide solutions to enhance your customer experience, hence your sales, at your POS and online.

We bridge the gap between retail and eCommerce. 

Before starting something new, you should fix or restructure your existing business.  #WeFixYourShit. We roll up our sleeves and create space for new growth – Direct-to-Consumer.  

More clients. More margin. More brandpower. 2becontinued.


The threat of retail is not ecommerce, but the absence of a digital experience at the point of sale.




  • Social eCommerce & community
  • End-to-end customer experience
  • Web & digital ecosystems
  • Online booking & payment


  Great brands are made  from great experiences and unexpected stories.”



  • Strategy
  • Value proposition
  • Innovation
  • Internationalisation



 “The new normality asks for a new structure. ‘Business as usual’ costs revenue and clients.




  • Leads & performance
  • Content Strategy & SEA/O
  • Campaign & sponsoring activation
  • CRM segmentation & loyalty systems

what we offer

Leading Brands in a Digital Age


Do you want to digitise your customer journey, restructure your marketing or reposition your brand? We create new options, quick wins and help your teams to “learn by doing” the new way.

Did you ever try to push-start your car, while sitting in the front seat? Sometimes external support is helping to fix and change things. We help to get your new projects started, orchestrate your teams and partner and implement to get things going. We are measured by your success. Once you start connecting single solutions, you create the full benefits of an ecosystem. Start simple, grow with success.

The result: More sales at lower operative cost. Less bla bla, more ‘katching’.    

Together we are writing the first chapters of a new growth path. 2becontinued.



Business Check “New Normality”

Do you want to unlock new revenue streams? Rejuvenate your customer base? Rethink your end-to-end customer journey ? Or just get inspiring ideas to understand the potential of your brand? 

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